Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädiatrische Immunologie


37th Annual Meeting

joint ventuere with 11th Annual Meeting of the working committee for pediatric immunology an German Society of Immunology

Dear friends and members of API,

It is with great pleasure that we call for abstracts for the annual meeting 2021 that will be held online.

 37th API Annual Meeting
Clinical Immunology – An Intersection of Specialties
Thursday 29 and Friday 30 April 2021
2 pm – 7 pm

General assambly
29 April 2021 5 – 7 pm
You can expect exciting keynote presentations on current topics from various fields where immunology meets other specialties of medicine (hematooncology, pathology, infectious diseases, rheumatology, neurology/psychiatry and others).

We are looking forward to your submissions from clinical, translational, and basic immunological research. We expect to be able to accommodate 12 presentations (each 10+5 minutes). Maximum length is 350 words.

Abstracts should be structured (Background, Patients/Methods, Results, Conclusion) and sent in WORD format, which will facilitate compilation. Please, submit your abstracts by 25 March to

In the general assembly (Mitgliederversammlung), a new board will be elected.

Even though we would have preferred to meet you in person at the picturesques place Jesteburg in the South of Hamburg (where the meeting was originally planned to be held), we are sure that we will have an inspiring online meeting together with all of you !

For the meeting team and Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Pädiatrische Immunologie

Kai Lehmberg

Meeting President, Hamburg

Keynote Presentations

Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Anti-Interferon-I Antibodies in Severe Covid19 and Vaccination Responses
Jean Laurent Casanova and Paul Bastard (New York / Paris)

Insights from the Registry of COVID19 in Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies (COPID19)
Isabelle Meyts (Leuven)

Immunology and Rheumatology
Scott Canna (Pittsburgh)

Immunology and Neurology/Psychiatry
Postinfectious Chronic Fatigue Syndrom Including Chronic Covid Syndrom – an Immunologist’s Diagnosis?
Carmen Scheibenbogen (Berlin)

Particularities of Lymphomas in Primary Immunodeficiencies – the Pathologist’s Point of View
Wolfram Klapper and Ilske Oschlies (Lübeck)

Metabolic Diseases
The Role of Sugars in Neutrophil Metabolism and New Treatment Options for Congenital Neutropenias
Maria Veiga da Cunha (Brussels)